Ohme Chargers Introduction

The EV Charging Company is delighted to partner and be a Ohme authorised installer and bring this very innovative piece of EV charging technology to our customers. Offering home charging and fleet management solutions Ohme chargers have may benefits .


Ohme chargers work with all UK electricity tariffs, however to get the most from your Ohme you should invest a little time into exploring your charging patterns and match it against the most relevant electricity tariff.

As EVs become increasingly more popular, the demand on the national grid will increase. To balance the demand on the grid over the day, many electricity providers are incentivising EV drivers to charge at off-peak times with special EV tariffs.

Ohme The intelligent EV Charger supplied and fitted Oxfordshire
Ohme Wall Charger approved for the OLEV Homecharge grant

As well as your typical standard tariff, there are two types of tariffs favoured by EV drivers for their individual benefits:

Innovative “Agile Tariffs” have recently been launched by Octopus Energy. These track the wholesaler price of electricity throughout the day. Where electricity supply is greater than demand (often a result of renewable energy sources), plunge moments can occur where you will get paid to charge your EV. Ohme smart charging integrates perfectly with Agile tariffs allowing you to chase lowest cost charging and benefit from plunge moments.

The Ohme Wall Charger is the intelligent charge-companion for every electric vehicle.  It makes charging as intelligent as the car itself:

  • Ohme automatically chooses the cheapest available electricity, to save you money
  • Ohme ensures you charge the exact right amount you'll need
  • Ohme is simple to control from our lovely app
  • Wall mounted Ohme Charger fixed installation
  • Approved for the OLEV Homecharge grant
  • Tethered cable, available in both Type 1 and Type 2
  • Fast charging at 32A / 7.4kW (about 25 miles an hour)
  • Includes RCD (Type A and 6mADC)
  • 3G/4G Connectivity for easy set up
Ohme Charger chooses cheapest electricity to save you money

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